CDW Committees

CDW Committees


CDW Committees


We need you to make it happen.  The following committees need your help.  Many hands make light work.  Even if you can just spare a little time, your efforts will enable us to achieve our goal of engaging Democratic voters, making positive change in our community, and spreading the word to turn Cobb blue.  Join one of these committees today!          

Community Relations:  Ensures a positive image of CDW in our community, builds relationships with community organizations, and leads some of our charitable activities.  Contact:

Communications & Outreach:   Maintains our website and social media/media presence, sends notices to members, and takes photographs at our events.  Also connects our organization to the community through monthly phone banking.  Contact:

Membership:  Recruits new members to our organization and maintains an accurate database  of CDW members. Also responsible for hospitality, membership benefits, securing facilities and monthly meeting outreach.  Contact:

Fundraising: Plans, organizes and executes fund-raising events that allow the organization to generate monies that will be donated to local candidates.  Contact:

Voter Empowerment: Educates the public on the importance of registering to vote and going to the polls on all election days.  Leads voter registration efforts.  Contact:,