Update from Mr. Samuel Lee Reid and the Atlanta Citizen Review Board

Update from Lee Reid and the Atlanta Citizen Review Board

Mr. Reid gave a presentation about the ACRB and civilian oversight of community policing to CDW last fall.  Members of the Cobb community have consulted with the ACRB in their work to establish a Cobb Citizen Review Board.  Mr. Reid recently gave CDW leadership an update on the progress he and his organization have been making on ACRB proposed ordinance changes. The major changes would require the police and corrections chiefs to provide more detailed letters in response to ACRB complaints, implement a mediation program, and expand the number of areas that can be investigated.  For a summary of proposed changes click on the following:  ACRB Proposed Ordinance Changes and ACRB Ordinance Fact Sheet.

These 13 changes were accepted by the Public Service Committee and will be presented to the City of Atlanta on March 21, 1:00 pm in the auditorium on the 2nd floor of City Hall.  To demonstrate support and strength in numbers, they are asking that all those who can be present as these changes are presented to the City of Atlanta.

Presentation of Proposed Ordinance Changes for ACRB
Monday, March 21
1:00 pm
Atlanta City Hall
2nd Floor, Auditorium
68 Mitchell Street SW
Atlanta, GA  30303

To learn more about ACRB visit their website www.acrbgov.org

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